Gel puree (pulp) is derived from the processing of sound, mature, fully riped “whole” fruits. The fruits are properly sorted, washed, trimmed and pulp extracted through stainless steel screens, de-aerated, sterilized, cooled and filled aseptically into pre – sterilized aseptic bags. The product is free from extraneous materials. All processes employed are in accordance to “Good Manufacturing Practices” and under strict sanitary conditions. All finished products are guaranteed 100% Puree, all natural and without artificial preservatives, stabilizers or additives.

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GEL TROPICAL FRUIT PROCESSING PLANT CORPORATION is a manufacturing company engaged in the processing of fresh tropical fruits into aseptically packed fruit puree, fruit concentrates, fruit nectars and fruit juices. It operates from a facility that is patterned after modern international plant standards and utilizes a fully automated puree process line. To ensure operational quality compliance, the GEL plant is operated by seasoned professional who have more than 20-years experience in the food processing industry.

WEAMBARD INTERNATIONAL TRADERS INC. is the sales and marketing representative of GEL Tropical Fruit Plant and acts as the international distribution arm of the Monheim Group of Companies. Weambard is an active member of the Philippine Food Processors and Exporters Organization, Inc. (PHILFOODEX).

To complete the integrated food supply chain, GREEN OPS INC. was created to engage in farm management and related ventures. Green OPS manages its own 90-hectare mango farm and several contracted farms, with around 8,000 fruit bearing Philippine "Carabao" mango trees that produces over 1,500 metric tons of export quality mangoes being sold to fresh fruit exporters (for Japan and Hong Kong), as well as to the local fruit markets and processors. Fruit sourcing is also done thru regional fruit trading partners and farms to ensure the fruit supply requirement for the whole year.

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